Sunday, June 24, 2012


I made the title your last name. It doesn't make sense at first but take the first letter of each word and put it together and BOOM you get Galvan. I laughed at myself for the primary reason of not knowing your last name. Don't judge its a life thing i felt relived when it was the same on your end. I enjoy that we have common problems and we always talk about the issues that bug us at hand. We can let things fizzle that's okay sometimes... :)Its hard to sleep but the more your so accepting of things makes me wonder. I know i shouldn't but i do. I love smiling at you but i dislike it when you ask me in response "What.." can't i just smile at you i love looking at you and yes i recall you noting it wasn't something you favored but isn't something that poses a problem so were good for now. I like how you stick to it and your willing i love that the most. It inspires me to be patient am trying and helps me get through my day. :) I enjoy that the most and with kisses and hugs at the end well as you can see that's the cherry on the ice cream.